My name is Toni

I am the owner and operator of Bookworms Of Oz

I am an extremely avid book reader and collector and wanted to share my love of books with everyone else, so I started this business.

I believe reading takes us away from the current world and current problems and transports us to a place of wonder and excitement.

I am also a counsellor in training, attending TAFE till Jun till I achieve my Diploma and then heading into a Bachelor later in 2021. Hence why I have chosen to add 2 new categories for 2021.

Mental Health and Wellbeing is going to be an excellent monthly box and I can’t wait to get everyone onboard to #breakthestigma around people talking about and seeking help for mental health issues.

Everything Home is a monthly box I have wanted to do for a while now, and thought I would start it in 2021. It will be everything related to the place we spend most the time. From gardening, to recipe idea to sewing kits. It is going to be an enjoyable time curating the boxes for me.

Thank you for supporting a local small business owner.

Take Care,