What is included in my box?

You will receive 1 book within the genre you have chosen at checkout, also 3-4 items within the box that relate to your chosen genre or even the book itself.

All Child subscriptions include 1 book and 1 activity book, and 2-4 items within the box that relates to the age group and gender chosen.

Coffee and Tea subscriptions include 1 book, 1 item relating to the genre, 5 flavours of tea or coffee, a tea strainer (first 3 boxes) and a tea cup (every box) for tea subscriptions, a 3 cup plunger (1st box only) then coffee filters, bags etc and a coffee mug (every box) for coffee subscription. (Changes effective from 1st September 2019)

Current active subscriptions will still get the items promised when subscribed.


All boxes RRP over $60 per box

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